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Photography is one of the most amazing things in this world.

Françoise Huguier, La Martinique, 1986

Thunder and lightning in Summerland, 2012

But I do not wish to escape to myself, I wish to escape from myself. I wish to obliterate my consciousness and my knowledge of independent existence, my guilts, my secretiveness, what you would (perhaps unkindly) call my “hypocrisy”. I am no child of nature, I am ugly and imperfect to myself, and I cannot through poetry or romantic visions exalt myself to symbolic glory.
- Allen Ginsberg, from a letter to Jack Kerouac (via violentwavesofemotion)

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Faber Franco - O de Onda, 2013       Photography
I feel very small and freakishly large at once. Critical and insignificant. At the very center of things and at the farthest edge.
- Bill Clegg, Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man (via larmoyante)

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Growing up in Afghanistan, the biggest thing we craved as a female youth was independence and education- but instead we got death or marriage. Your generation has the education and independence they need to thrive, but their thirst for marriage makes them take it for granted. Never give men importance. Conquer your youth and stay true to becoming the woman you want to be- because you don’t need a man to do so.
- my mother just gave me the most life changing advice. (via gham-geen)

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Racism isn’t born, folks. It’s taught. I have a 2-year-old son. Know what he hates? Naps. End of list.
- Dennis Leary, 1992 (via iice)

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youre a 10 and i look like im 10

story of my life

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INDIA. Kerala. 1996.


i refuse to be shamed for having a body. i refuse to get embarrassed when a tampon falls out of my purse or spend a whole day anxious about if someones going to notice that i forgot to shave a patch of leg hair. i wasnt put on this earth to spend my time apologizing for my existence and i refuse to let anyone make me feel like i have to waste my energy on all that petty shit

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